A wonderful youth arts moment has struck Yeppoon this year after a strong need for more opportunities for youth engagement in creative pursuits was identified. Inspiring local arts orgs and popup shops have begun to run workshops from sculpture to puppet making in an attempt to fill the gap and inspire young people into the arts. How exciting for the future of youth arts! In lieu of a local video showcasing genuine arts programs for youth (meaning I’ll have to make one soon 😉 ) be inspired by this TEDx Talk advocating arts for youth and the critical value of creative thinking.

Why Youth Arts?

Local school teacher, Lee-Ann, says it’s a blessing that in her educators’ role she is able to contribute her passion for the arts in her career and in the community.

“I saw opportunities for youth engagement in authentic art making practice reduce with the new QLD curriculum implemented and increased overload on the educational system,” Lee-Ann said.

Sharing that she established a youth arts group out of a need to create a more inclusive platform for everybody, Lee-Ann said that all ages, experiences and paths in life can benefit from the arts.

“The workshops have brought together children from ages 9 and up working with family, friends, other participants while meeting our professional local artists in a mentoring capacity.”

Developing confidence, practice & startups

Other young people have been growing their confidence to develop their own professional art career.

“A young artist Luna Vertigo who attended the first Observational Drawing workshop in April was inspired to go on and exhibit and sell her work at The Mill Gallery and establish her own art-based business,” Lee-Ann said.

Excited for a burgeoning career, Lee-Ann said she was delighted to now have Luna Vertigo present her workshop in January called ‘Natural fascination’. The workshop is based on creating interactive, sculptural headpieces.

Grateful for the community and organisation support received, Lee-Ann has welcomed contributions from her workplace who lend equipment and resources for the YAY workshops. Also funding from the Regional Arts Development Fund along with professional images from PetalsPR&Media.

Looking for art workshops in Yeppoon? Visit our galleries page and contact them for details.


I snapped a few images during the August Noel Brady Sculpture Workshop. So much fun! For more on Noel visit his website.