Winter days call for more ideas on things to do in Emu Park during the cooler moments. Beach swims are not the only option for dwindling away the hours in our glorious Emu Park. The beautiful seaside town is the classic beach destination for holiday goers who reminisce about their childhood holidays, with a few extra gems to spend some time enjoying. Below is a beautiful montage of Emu Park. Created by talented local photographer Glenn Adamus. You’ll find a link to more of Glenn’s incredible images at the end of this post.

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What to do in Emu Park

One of the best features of the Capricorn Coast is the string of little townships nestled within the greater area. Each area provides its own unique opportunities for fun and adventure. Offering interesting and engaging attractions that in most towns are thrown under the bus when the sparkly new tourist wants take all the attention.

Emu Park is magically untouched by large developments, although well kept and tidy, the township offers modest attractions to spend hours that wouldn’t be considered a waste. However, don’t concern yourself that you might have to spend your holiday time doing the usual everyday chores of life if you’re a parent, or having to drive to the next town for shopping. Emu Park matches the right amount of modern with the right amount of old school. You’ll still be able to get a coffee and breakfast at one of the local cafes, buy takeout, shop for groceries, get a beer at the pub, or go out to dinner.

Here is the go-to list of things to do in Emu Park!

1 Visit the Emu Park Historical Museum

Emu Park Historical Museum is an excellent showcase of SO MANY THINGS. Adding extra shed’s and buildings to house all of their displays, the museum offers an eclectic array of exhibits. Including, a classic old-school taxidermy display of many many animals, birds and bones. Some even masterfully done locally. Exhibits range from classic recreations of yesteryear to a magnificent display of maritime paraphernalia. This museum is well worth the visit, give yourself a few hours. I would’ve loved the whole day here finding out all about the different displays, historic buildings even the locally made boats. Run by volunteers, opening hours M-F 10am-4pm ~ S-S 10am-2pm, it’s best to ring to make sure someone will be there. The volunteers are wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable. I wish I had more time to spend there. A token fee of $5 for adults. If kids are unaccompanied they need to front up with $1 (and good manners.)

2 View the Singing Ship

The Singing Ship offers more than just a wonderful view from the base of a faintly whistling monument. Read up on the history of the monument, designed by Peggy Westmoreland and manufactured from steel and concrete by Steve Kele. Check out the old school sundial, find the carved sandstones in the garden surrounds. And when you’re done toboggan down the north facing hill on a piece of large cardboard! As far as things to do in Emu Park goes, this is the best way to wear out the kids on the winter holidays. Up and down that hill a few dozen times and they’ll be spent. Make sure you put the cardboard back in the recycling when you’re done. Where: 17 Hill Street, Emu Park. Phone: (07) 49 396 080

3 Emu Park Skate Park

Emu Parks skate bowl is great for all ages. I’ve seen expert middle age skaters there mentoring younglings, the atmosphere more than welcoming. The bowl itself is great for beginners as there are no hardcore drops or whatever the kids say about skate parks. (If you’re a teen skater, scooter or biker who uses the park I could use a bit of expert lingo. Drop me an email.) Emu Park skate park is located in Bell Park, has full shade and night lighting.

4 King O’Malley’s Cave

There is a monument to King O’Malley at the Emu Park Historical Museum. Read all about who he is at the Museum (or the link I’ve tagged on his name), then take an adventure on the low tide and try and find his cave. The American came to Australia after contracting tuberculosis and ended up in a cave on a beach between Rocky Point and Zilzie, being cared for by Coowonga, an indigenous fella who brought him back to health and his larger than life journey began again from there. I haven’t been there yet (great tour guide I am) so would love to hear about your adventures finding it and share some pics too. #thisisyeppoon on Instagram or post to Facebook and tag us @yeppooncapricorncoast

5 Centenary of ANZAC Memorial Walk

The Emu Park Anzac Memorial is a historic landmark on the Capricorn Coast, and a focal point to honour both the spirit of ANZAC and all the men and women who have served in the defence of our nation. The memorial pays tribute to the ANZAC’s in a way that offers visitors the chance to learn more about an important piece of history and remember those who have given their lives for us. Make your way up the coast path towards The Gatehouse, with floor-to-ceiling First World War storyboards featuring many locals.

6 Extra things to do in Emu Park

If you’re here are particular times are the Festival of the Winds held around the Easter Holidays and the monthly market circuit. Emu Park is the fourth Sunday of the month. Different times of the year the Blokart club hit the Emu Park beaches. They are very welcoming for beginners to come and try, check out their calendar if you’re into a bit of sand sailing.

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Talented local photographer Glenn Adamus

Glenn shares his love and passion for Emu Park and photography with our community every day. The most spectacular images captured. We really can’t get enough. Like his page and you’ll be astounded by the beauty that brightens up your newsfeed.

Tell us what are your favourite things to do in Emu Park

I know we haven’t listed all the gems here. We’ll have to make a follow-up post. Comment below, on Facebook or #thisisyeppoon on Instagram to share your Emu Park gems. Your #thisisyeppoon will also feature on our website!