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Gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Yeppoon is perfect for living out your stranded fantasies. Swim, dive, snorkel, paddle or sail among the 18 islands or 13 beaches. Most of which you’ll have to yourself.

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Plenty of beaches and islands! Swim year round on one of the 18 islands or 13 beaches. The northernest beaches in Queensland with no stingers. (ok rarely have stingers, but not often, sometimes a resident croc pops his head up at Nippers)

On average our beaches are closed 5 times a year because of stingers. Actually, I made that up. IN the 20+ years I’ve lived here I’ve seen the beach closed once because of stingers, so I don’t know what the average is because it hardly ever happens. If the stingers do float down our way, I know the Surf Life Saving Club does a fantastic job of warning you of any potential swimming issues on their daily chalkboard. If you run into folly, you still have the Causeway Lake and gorgeous creeks to swim in not far from town.

Looking for an exciting escapade? The coastline offers up many spots for watersports where you can jet ski, snorkel, paddle and get the blood flowing. If you can bring these things with you then you can most certainly enjoy these adventures.

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Top Beaches

Out of the 13 beaches along the coast, these are our top three. Feel free to disagree & share your pick using our #thisisyeppoon Instagram tag.

Kemp Beach, Lammermoor – This is my favourite beach. On either side of the horseshoe beach, you’ll be protected from winds on a rough day and on perfect days the beach is smooth and relaxing. In spring I’ve floated in glass water and watched freshly hatch butterflies fly over in the thousands.

Main Beach, Emu Park – Right in front of the surf club, Main Beach is a great spot to take the board and catch a few small to medium waves. Perfect for beginner surfers.

9 Mile Beach, Five RocksThe beach and massive backing dune fields lie within Byfield National Park and are accessible by 4WD. This is the closest big wave beach outside of Yeppoon and is often visited by locals when they think the surf is up. The breaks are better at mid to low tide.

See for yourself

This Anthony Vaughan Youtube clip perfectly sums up our Capricorn Coasts Sun & Sea lifestyle adventures.

Our Island Pick

Great Keppel Island is…well…GREAT! But the island pick is definetly Humpy. You can camp secluded on your own little island! Book via the National Parks & Wildlife website.

However, if you don’t have your own boat and can’t borrow one for an adventure then you can quite happily make do with GKI. After the closure of the main Resort, there was a massive national campaign stating the island was closed. Not true. There are still a few providers on the island offering accommodation and nourishment. Day trips are worth it if you’re happy to poke around an island and lay on the beach all day. There are great walks around the island as well. Keep an out for mean goats. (lol, Grammarly wants to correct it to MEAT goats. That’s how we think too Big G. Yum.)

More Places

Make a day of it. These are all pitstops of what’s on the way to your destination. All within half an hour from Yeppoon. Except for 5Rocks & Stanage Bay. Bit longer. If you’re headed on an adventure, check out the list of spots to stop on the way.

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