Stanage Bay

Not 30 minutes from Yeppoon & probably no girls like this on the beach. But if you’re into fishing a crabbing this is the place for you.

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Stanage Bay Waterways are renowned for its huge Barra, Reef Fish and Mud Crabs.
SO….sorry I lied, but not everything along the coast is 30mins. Stanage also known as Stanage Bay, is 75 km north of Rockhampton but is part of the Capricorn Coast and I didn’t want to leave them out…because they are nice people and it’s a great space. You should visit if you can. Stanage was Captain Cook’s second landing in Queensland. He named the waterways Thirsty Sound when he came to shore in search of fresh water but lucked out, thus the name, remains today.

To get to Stanage travel north 75km past Rockhampton on the Bruce Highway until you see the Stanage Bay road sign. You will travel 100km through endless cattle properties, which can be abundant with wildlife, especially after the wet, on a two-lane (usually graded) unsealed road. You do not need a 4WD to get there. Stay for a week or a day. If you camp take water, shower and toilet, as there are limited facilities are available to date. I guess it’s too far for a local council to think about. Out of sight out of mind?

Stanage has three suburbs: Alligator Point with great views and beach access; Alligator Bay offers a beautiful beach; & Plumtree where there’s a boat ramp, coastguard, beach, creeks, marine centre (tackle shop) boat storage, store, pub, fuel, post outlet, public phone, endeavour park, public toilets, camping.

  • Mud Crab season is December to July
  • Jewfish October to March
  • Salmon June to September
  • Mackerel June to September
  • Barra in winter
  • Cod/Bream anytime.
  • Estuary and deep sea fishing all year weather permitting.


The boat ramp is two-lane concrete and usually accessible by half tides depending on the size tides and your boat size.

If you visit take all your rubbish to the tip or take it back with you and dump it in Rockhampton. (joke Rocky… it’s a joke)

(It’s been forever since I’ve been to visit Stanage. So I have no recent images to place on the page. BUT, I’m sure there are girls lounging on the beach drinking foreign beers and holding pineapples in the air. If anyone wants to contribute or take me up for a photography trip, let me know when we’re leaving or email me some great photos. Yes I’ll credit your images and use the ©)

Here is a link to the Stanage Bay Facebook page to enjoy in the meanwhile.