We dish on a few of the top romantic spots along the Capricorn Coast. Be good to know more though…know any?

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Discover That Lovin Feeling

Love could be in the air if you want to take a few tips from me about what might make for a romantic moment along the Capricorn Coast.

From lush rainforests to sandy shores and the majestic Great Barrier Reef there are a plethora of experiences offering opportunities for the romantically challenged. Me personally I’d take the fun date and throw a blanket down in the cute landscaped garden, hidden behind the Yeppoon carpark and take the Art Tour, whilst slugging vodka, lime and soda from a drink bottle. But hanging around a car park like a drunk hobo might not be everyone’s cup of tea so…

Top Romancing spots

Laze around the beach for the afternoon or take a stroll hand in hand. Awww…cute. What about hanging out in the Lagoon watching the water while the sun goes down.

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Watch the sunrise at Bluff Point Lookout

Pack some goodies, wake up early, visit my favourite beach/headland lookout and watch the sunrise. How do we get there? Read on…

Spot turtles from the lookout then eat strawberries watching the view

Take the trip to the southern end of Kemp Beach, turning off the main road onto a short gravel track. Here you’ll find a relatively easy, albeit steep, walking track; Bluff Point Track. Work your way up 600 metres to Turtle Lookout share a tender moment spotting dolphins and turtles then continue to the top for panoramic views of the perfect blue ocean. Set yourself up a picnic blanket and picnic the morning, noon or night away enjoying the never-ending sky. (If you go at dusk, take a torch for the trip down and take the south side track.)

Want something different?

Romancing in the outback

In the afternoon, take the time to head out to Hedlow creek and watch the sky transition from brilliant shades of orange, yellow to pink over the sometimes dusty, sometimes lush green cow paddocks and glorious Lake Mary. That kind of magic is sure to impress your loved one.

360 #thisisyeppoon

360 your way around Yeppoon and surrounds.

With so many great places to see and things to do around the place, we couldn’t help but see them all out for ourselves. Know that all these 360’s are places you can visit for free. Cost you nothing to enjoy them except what it cost you to get there and the provisions you take. Check them out before you visit and fill your holidays with experiences.

More Places

Make a day of it. These are all pitstops of what’s on the way to your destination. All within half an hour from Yeppoon. Except for 5Rocks. Bit longer. If you’re headed to Emu Park, check out the list.

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