With so many beaches to choose from, majority of them without a wave, Capricorn Coast is perfect for the paddler.

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Paddle creeks or sea

If the surfs up then creeks are the go for paddlers on the coast.

Water Park Creek upstream of the causeway is perfect for canoeing and kayaking. Launching is possible from the western side of Water Park Creek, just north of the causeway and at council boat ramps. Water Park Creek is accessible to motorised boats only up to 6km downstream of the causeway—see boat access for more information. Crocs are present at the boat ramp, so paddling is not recommended.

Farnborough, Nine Mile, Little Five Rocks and Five Rocks beaches are popular surfing destinations, while Water Park Creek and Corio Bay are perfect for canoeing and kayaking—Corio Bay and the lower reaches of Water Park Creek are tidal. Findlays and Freshwater creeks on the coast offer a quick, freshwater dip. Creeks may be dry or stagnant after prolonged dry weather, so check conditions before you go.

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