Looks like everyone loves a good list. And our previous blog 5 things to do in Emu Park was no exception. So here we go with 5 more things to do in Emu Park. The perfect seaside destination, peaceful, homely, safe for kids to play all day in the parks. Van parks right on the beach & just the right amount of commerce to keep you from having to go anywhere other than sightseeing. Emu Park is a treasure trove.

5 More things to do at Emu Park

1 Fishing!

There are plenty of spots to fish off the beach. Sand spots, rocky outcrops. There’s also Coorooman Creek boat ramp. You might not be as brave as old mate in the video, kayaking on a peaceful morning, throwing in a line, but the ramp has a pontoon attached and makes for great fishing. The road is about to undergo much-needed works so take it easy until then.

2. Bell Park playground

The best thing about this playground is the rock climbing wall. What kid doesn’t love to climb? The area is beautifully maintained, grassy with plenty of natural shade outside the hottest parts of the day. You’ll find this park behind the pool and next to the tennis courts.


3. Play Tennis

Now we’re talking old school. GenX’s who’s kids will be a bit older might appreciate a blast from the past by taking their kids off to have a spot of tennis. Gone out of fashion these days but having a runaround and a hit is so much fun and certainly tests your fitness levels. Not many community courts around anymore so please take advantage of this one and make sure we keep it available. The Victory Tennis Club courts are located at Bell Park, behind the bus stop and you can hire Racquets from the servo across the road.

4. The Stairs

When you read ‘The Stairs’ imagine the dramatic hampster swinging its head around youtube vid (link) and you’ll get the gravity of the climb. These stairs are steep and gruelling and a must do for the boast factor. The pic doesn’t do them justice and when you hit beach access 10 you’ll wonder what you’ve got yourself into. The Stairs are located on the corner of Amoria and Haliotis Ave, Zilie. Follow Lanarch Street as it sweeps around up and down the hills. Here’s a map.

5 Search for Public Art

The Bell Park skate park toilets have been appropriately dressed with skate images and the main beach toilets are awash with fantastic unique caricatures. In the main street on the post office wall, you’ll find two fantastic cockatoos. These unique artworks were beautifully designed and installed by Rosie Woods (Cockatoos) and Simon McLean (Toilet Blocks). Also, the poignant ANZAC Memorial Walk has several installations that are worth admiring. There are more original art pieces in the wings for Emu Park. You might be lucky enough to meet the artist and watch the installation emerge.

Share your fav past times

We know there are even more things to do in Emu Park and we want to hear from you what you love to do. Comment below or head over to our Facebook Page or Instagram account. You can also use the #thisisyeppoon and it’ll show up on our website.

Loved the art tour? Get creative at The local art workshops

If you are as passionate about art as we are then you won’t want to go past these workshops run once a month by a beautiful local talented artist and art educator Lee-ann Handley. All the way from Sydney Lee-ann brought all her talent with her and is dedicated to our local youth. Curating inclusive art workshops, engaging local artists as mentors, basically gifting her time to the community by organising these not to be missed opportunities. That’s her Youth Arts Yeppoon Facebook account where the workshops are announced. They book out fast as they are so cheap. All ages are welcome. Website coming soon.