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In the development of this new website, we have worked with Google to link many of our pages to the knowledge panel on the right side of their search page. Making Yeppoon, Capricorn Coast top rank on their search engine. Our site is available for businesses to take advantage of direct advertising opportunities at a reasonable cost. Please use our contact page to reach out for more information.

We also run Google Adsense to cover the cost of gifting the site to our community. Our 80+ page website is drawing many views from tourists as well as locals looking for things to do therefore, you may wish to take advantage of Google Adwords. Advertise by selecting a target audience that will be attracted to our site, or alternatively, as we will receive many local views you could target specifically this area and the advert should appear on our site, depending on your industry. If you need help setting up your Google Adwords account and running targeted adverts please get in touch for our Google Ads services.

Leave your footprint on our site

We are SO open to writers jumping on board with our #thisisyeppoon project.

Stage 2 – We would also love to share this digital Tourism space with local businesses in the form of advertising and advertorials. Our rates are incredibly competitive. Also, if you fancy yourself a sales person we offer a 35% commision on all sales you make.

All the information you need to get you started on whatever one of those ways we can help you with is below. We also provide a specs pack for editorials and advertising so you know exactly what you need to provide us to jump on board.

We want to help you do better in our great little town. Our site has its own in-depth marketing/PR plan and advertising budget to target and attracts the right people to our site. Which means you’ll be catching the attention of the right people too.


Editorial Specs

We take contributions of imagery, videos and written work. Your adventures are more than welcome on our site. You’ll recieve full credit for your work and it will be shared through our socials. You may even want to become a regular contributor. BUT, please don’t go to businesses looking for free shit to review and try get it on our site. That is advertorial content. We do not garentee publication, your work needs to met our standard and style. If you’re not quite there and REALLY want to publish with us, send it over to us and we’ll help you get there.

Advert Specs

Stage 2

Various advert size options are available. Working on a subscription base, your advert displays as long as your competitive monthly membership is up to date. We can create your ad for a fee, otherwise meet our specs and you’re ready to start advertising as soon as you’ve paid your membership or per month rate.

Advertorial Specs

Stage 2

Once off & package deals for blog coverage, Vlog and written blog options, for local businesses and community groups on offer. These stay on the site for ever! Also shared through our socials.

Advertising Prices

Stage 2

Out competative advertising rates are very generous. Our site is traffic heavy beacuse of a merceless PR/marketing strategy. We want our site ahead of all the rest on the Google leaderboard. Our specialist SEO makes that happen. So your ROI will be satifying. You have the option of taking out a membership, which allows you a rolling advert on our site & listing on the page appropriate for you business. OR, One off Adverts that roll for one month.

Advert Creation

Stage 2

You are more than welcome to provide your advert. It has to meet our specs to be ready to roll but we’re happy if you’re happy. However, we also provide an ad creation service for a reasonable fee. NOTE: No you cannot give us your advert from another media organisation. Unless you made it yourself and have copyright.


Stage 2

Still, video and 360 photography is part of our product offerings. Single shot 360’s and professionally produced 360 walk throughs are our specialities and can be highlighted on our site as part of the advertorial or advertising options. You can use them to showcase on your site, socials, other media orgs..

We filled a void in the Tourism Awareness Market. Our seaside town wasn’t attracting our share of the multi-billion dollar Australian tourist market from being massively overlooked. Capricorn Coast needed coverage! Tourist’s don’t know about us or think there’s nothing to do here. We’re spoon feeding them everything on offer, most of it free.

Membership Opportunites

Local Livingstone Shire Businesses Only

What we do & What’s in it for you?

#thisisyeppoon Yeppoon Capricorn Coast brand is focused solely on highlighting the opportunities open to tourists visiting the area, locals enjoying their town and businesses wanting to highlight their product/service to increase their access to the market share.

#thisisyeppoon is a business representing the coastal area of Livingstone Shire and our content and focus are on tourism. We support members with onsite advertising and value-add with the quarterly meet and greets and regular marketing workshops. We don’t dissipate our efforts into other areas of business like lobbying various organisations for big business. Membership dollars go back into creating more content for this site and sharing it out to a highly targeted audience.

Our site plays a key role in connecting visitors with local experiences that match their interests and direct them to products and services that enhance their experience. We reach a global as well as the local audience to maximise access to the tourism market share.

As a member, you’ll see increase business opportunities and benefit from:

  • Attracting new visitors to the Capricorn Coast.
  • Marketing Capricorn Coast through our strategic marketing/PR plan developed in-house locally by a professional experienced in National PR & Media.
  • Content created by locals who know & love the area and visitors enjoying what we offer, not paid for promoters or fly by night bloggers.
  • Promotion of Capricorn Coast to national and international media organisations/influencers in our large media database.

Benefits for your business:

  • Your product/service promoted in the local community and highlighted to visitors via our promotional channels to generate awareness, create sales leads and increase the tourist market share locally.
  • Access to co-operative marketing opportunities, giving you reach you could never achieve independently providing substantial cost savings.
  • Member communications highlighting tourism and events opportunities.

What you’ll receive:

  • Business listing on page appropriate to your product/service.
  • Rotating image adverts on the sidebar of blogs. Strategically placed advertisements on the website.
  • Social shares inline with social strategy. 8 shares per/yr in line with policy across all socials simultaneously.
  • Your business in front of thousands of unique website views per month. (This number will grow over time, so I’ll have an average figure as we stabilies)
  • Opportunity to boost social shares through our network (paid service for members only)

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