We all love hanging out in the water and taking care of our Southern Great Barrier Reef is becoming the top priority for our community. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) have content they’d love shared with the wider ocean loving community as part of their #lovethereef campaign. The government website is a pest to navigate so we’ve linked up each of the pages from GBRMPA’s website so you can find what suits your reef loving agenda. By clicking on each of the links below that are relevant, you’ll be directed to that info.



Responsible Reef Practices

“When enjoying the many different activities and experiences on the Great Barrier Reef, it is important to enjoy them in a responsible and ‘reef friendly’ way.This can easily be done by following the Responsible Reef Practices for recreational users associated with each of these activities,” GBRMPA.


Eye On The Reef App

Ever felt like you wanted to contribute to the longevity of our beautiful natural resource? The one that provides amazing tourism opportunities, recreational fun & primary production industries supporting local jobs. Now you can.

To help manage the Reef and even save marine life, you can let the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority know if you see any interesting and unusual things in the Marine Park. You can report these sightings through the Sightings Network.

Eye on the Reef App, developed by GBRMPA is a monitoring and assessment program that enables anyone who visits the Great Barrier Reef to contribute to its long-term protection. Visitors, tourism operators, business operators, scientists, anyone out on the reef can help by collecting valuable information about reef health, marine animals and incidents.

“The Eye on the Reef Sightings Network is a community-based program developed to capture the interesting, unusual and amazing experiences people have on the Great Barrier Reef,” GBRMPA.

“The Eye on the Reef App has been built specifically to empower anyone with a GPS enabled mobile phone to join this network of citizen scientists and contribute GPS tagged observations.”

“Via the App you can submit photos of what you have seen out on the Reef. This can be anything from wildlife to pests like crown-of-thorns starfish, marine pollution and coral bleaching, to special events like coral spawning.”

“You can also use this App to help identify the wildlife you’ve seen and share your Eye on the Reef sighting photos directly to Facebook.”

You can also join the network online using the interactive Sightings Network map. Anyone in the world can see our amazing wildlife being encountered and recorded on the Great Barrier Reef. The website also accepts manually entered sightings.

“You can add your observations from the comfort of your home by using the simple drag-drop map feature,” GBRMPA.

Don’t have the App? Click the icons on the previous page for android or apple to download on your phone.

For more extensive information on Responsible Reef Practices when operating in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park please refer to our OnBoard – the Tourism Operator’s Handbook website.


They still look beautiful, but coral reefs are dying at staggering rates — experts project that 90 percent of the world’s reefs will be gone by 2050. But a growing group of scientists around the world are searching for innovative solutions to make sure that doesn’t happen. You can do your bit too by getting with the program, reading up on all things #lovethereef, get the app and be the change we need to see. Don’t just be a mindless reef consumer. Give back, #lovethereef and report you sightings.