Keppel Sands

The southernmost town on the Capricorn Coast, Keppel Sands is the perfect holiday village for the fisherman, whose family loves the beach.

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Great for fishing holidays

Totally underrated, Keppel Sands has a local pub with great food, a beach on one side and a creek on the other. Launch the boat or fish off the beach whilst the kids play in the sand. Perfect place to unwind.

Originally known as Sandhills, Keppel Sands is the southernmost town on the Capricorn Coast, and has long been a popular beach to visit for people from Rockhampton and the surrounding area. Over the years beach huts and weekenders gradually gave way to the more permanent housing of today. Boarding houses were popular until the road improved and the day trip to the beach became possible.

Separated by Coorooman Creek from the larger towns of Emu Park and Yeppoon to the north, Keppel Sands is a charming village-style township centred on fishing and holidaymakers. Facilities in Keppel Sands include a hotel, caravan park, motel, Australia Post outlet, local store, and two boat ramps. The Coast Guard is located at Pumpkin Creek at the southern edge of the town.

Keppel Sands is home to many retirees and is a popular location for fishing and crabbing.

Near to Keppel Sands is Joskeleigh which was home to a large South Sea Islander community, imported as indentured labourers from various islands in Melanesia and Polynesia in a process known as blackbirding.