Sea horse rides are something else! Nothing is more exhilerating than cantering down the beach.

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Beach rides are the best!

Whilst there is no horse riding businesses on the coast offering beach rides if you have your own horses Yeppoon beaches are the best.

The old resort used to offer beach rides. The adventurous Cowboy would allow us to gallop down the beach and over sand dunes without a care in the world. Unfortunately, the resort closed and so did that amazing experience. There are no other horse riding places offering that kind of thrill but if you can borrow or have your own horse, riding is permitted along Farnborough Beach up to 8.4km north of the Bangalee beach access.

Horses are not permitted in Byfield National Park or Byfield Conservation Park or adjacent beaches. Horse riding permits through the Byfield State Forest HQ Plantations are available via their website, however, since Cyclone Marcia, they’ve been a super tight arse on letting people in and they couldn’t be bothered to “make it safe” and open roads again to the public for plebs like us who just want to play around on our nags, or walk, or even fix up the $250k mountain bike tracks taxpayers money fronted. Go anyway.

While horse riding is permitted along most State Forest tracks – however, horses are not permitted in Upper Stony or Water Park Creek visitor areas.