Hedlow Creek

Enjoy a drive through cattle country and stay for a swim or a paddle.

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Meandering Creek & lush wetlands

Take a beautiful picturesque drive via cattle route and view ancient volcanic plugs and wetland wildlife.

Mount Hedlow is regarded as an area encompassing various mountains and hills or, as a group of trachyte plugs that crop out over an area of about 50 square miles, and not as one specific mountain. This group takes in lronpot on Yeppoon Road and Mount Wheeler in Cawarral. It Is believed that lronpot was called “Hedloo” by the local aborigines.

Mount Headlow Camping and Water Reserve which skirts Headlow Creek is located about 2.6km along Lake Mary Rd from the intersection of Serpentine Rd and is under the trusteeship of Livingstone Shire Council. This section is open to the public for free for swimming, kayaking and picnicking. Green and lush wetlands around Mt Hedlow form the Lake Mary water reserve. Skirting Hedlow Creek, Lake Mary is a reserved primary for the use of watering stock. This is perfect for day trips where you can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of the lake as well as taking advantage of the creek for kayaking and swimming.