Southern Great Barrier Reef

The largest living structure on the planet, growing 2300 kilometres in length, the Great Barrier Reef is so vast it can be seen from space.

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Magnificent natural beauty

And it’s right on our doorstep. Capricorn Coast has pockets of live coral and areas of regeneration. Perfect for snorkelling, diving, education & reflection.

More than 70 per cent of the reef’s coral species and about 60 per cent of the 1500 varieties of fish can be found in this most amazing, glorious impossible to describe its beauty, evolving anatomy. For a diver or snorkeller, the reef is a dream. Fighting for its life, the reef is up against the odds when it comes to competing for its relevance in a consumerist world. Reef can’t speak for itself but plenty of peeps are speaking on its behalf, including this website.

Our local island cluster has the protection of a fringing reef, making the waters surrounding the Keppels are calm and perfect for snorkelling, diving, sea kayaking, paddleboarding looking for areas to view the reef. A lot of our islands are coral cays with coral displays just steps away into the water off the beach. The cool, clear waters provide excellent underwater visibility for snorkelling with all kind of marine life. If you have a boat the chance to see large hard coral reefs firsthand along with colourful fish, turtles and manta rays is a possibility.

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