Travel To Yeppoon

Yeppoon is situated 700kms north of Brisbane and 40kms north east of Rockhampton.

Yeppoon is the gateway to Great Keppel Island and Southern Great Barrier Reef.


Rockhampton Airport has flights in and out each day. If arriving by plane it’s rather expensive by taxi to Yeppoon, however a transfer bus runs daily from Rockhampton Airport to Rosslyn Bay. Rental cars are also an option from the airport.


Called Central Queensland for a reason, make it here from any direction. Roads south of Rockhampton have been worked for a decade. So cars/bus no problems. The occasional push biker will make their way here by road but they need to be mindful that there’s no space to safely ride and trucks are plentiful. Expect to change your pants regularly if you’re thinking of taking on the Aussie highways. We’re not Europe. And you can expect to cop a ear bashing from someone calling you a dickhead for making a dangerous descision to bike on the highway. But if you’re up for that, who are we to stop you.

Tilt train from Brisbane to Rockhampton.
If arriving by yacht/boat into Rosslyn Bay the entrance is well marked with plenty of berth’s. Its advisable to book ahead as this marina can be heavily booked at peak times.

More Places

Make a day of it. These are all pitstops of what’s on the way to your destination. All within half an hour from Yeppoon. Except for 5Rocks. Bit longer. If you’re headed to Emu Park, check out the list.