We know there are plenty of fish in the sea. Yeppoon’s netting closure means more fish for the recreational fisherman. Or woman. Who cares, just throw a line anywhere along the coast and you’ll be hooked!

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The Jig is Up!

Capricorns coastal towns offer abundant fishing opportunities.

Yeppoon is blessed with some of the best creek and coastal fishing spots in the world – probably one of the many reasons why our locals love fishing so much!

Corio Bay and Byfield’s beaches are popular fishing destinations. All waters around Byfield have protected marine parks and zoned to balance recreation and commercial use with long-term conservation goals. Farnborough Beach and most of Nine Mile Beach are in a yellow conservation park zone, which allows certain activities and has some limits online fishing. Corio Bay and the waters east of the yellow zone are, in general use, blue zones. Fish size and bag limits apply—contact the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol for details. Contact NPSR, local bait and tackle shops, or Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority for a Great Barrier Reef Marine Park zoning map.

Netting isn’t operational in the area anymore and plenty of fishing folk will tell you it’s improved fishing dramatically. Owning your own fishing boat gives you the freedom to fish wherever and whenever you want too, spending quality time with your family or fishing buddies. Catch anything from red emperer, red throat, trout and nannygai and plenty of mackerel caught here. In the estuary side of things, the barra and finger mark are in plentiful supply, with most of the barramundi around the 80 to 1000mm in length. Prawns & Crabs are also on everyones agenda at certain times of the year.

So if you love fishing and are looking for a fabulous spot for your next fishing trip, here are our top creek and coastal fishing destinations around the Capricorn Coast.

Many a fish has been caught right off the beach along the coast. At Farnborough Beach, you’ll easily pick up a flat head, sea bream or yellowfin whiting throwing in the line with the right bait; self-caught beach worms or bought pack of prawns. Fish toward the sandy point end as that is where all the good reports of big whiting have come from.

Ross Creek, Causeway lake and Roslyn Bay harbour are decent spots with reports of everything like whiting, barramundi, mangrove jack, bream grunter and some areas there have been reports of mackerel landed. Coorooman Creek, Long Beach at Joskaleigh and Keppel Sands main beach fish very well. From the beach the tip is to not cast out too far and miss the better fish, which can be right at your feet.

Corio Bay Estuary

Corio Bay (above) boasts ample opportunity for many species of fish including Barra when the season is open. Pull up on any one of the many white sandy beaches and throw the bait net into the crystal clear water, fill your bucket and head off for a fish. If you’re sporting a larger boat, head out the mouth of the inlet for a fish around little Corio bay on the full moon rising and catch yourself some massive Jew.

Just watch the tides and don’t expect to come back on the low. The bay can be tricky to navigate and even the most experienced locals have ended up on a bank when the tide wasn’t quite right. Head out on the high and find a nice hole or beach to sit on while you wait for the turn.

If you’re heading out of the bay from Corio or any of the boat ramps into the open water, take the local fishermen lead and head out to the outer reefs like Karamea, Goodwin and the Douglas shoals have been bagging out on fish, both reef and mackerel. Please call the Coast Guard and let them know your travel plans.

Want to fish the inner reefs and island like the Keppels, Finlays, The Barge and Pinnacle? You’ll came home happy and with a decent catch. If you’re looking for a good mark, check out GPS MARKS: YEPPOON

Little Corio Bay Jew Honey Hole

Download the EYE ON THE REEF app if you’re heading out on the water.

Capricorn Coast Boat Ramps

access via Banksia Road, Stanage Bay
access via St Christophers Chapel Road, Nerimbera
access via Merv Anderson Park, Scenic Highway, Yeppoon
access via Corbetts Landing Road, Byfield
access via Svendsen Road, Zilzie
access via Resada Esplanade, Causeway Lake
access via Bell Park, Hill Street, Emu Park
access via Taylor Street, Keppel Sands
access via Limpus Avenue, Keppel Sands