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So much to do & see along the coast. Everywhere we mention is 30 minutes from Yeppoon.

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If you want adventure or relaxing, or both, we can hook you up with what’s available on the coast. Most of what we write about is FREE. Plan a trip that wont rip your bank balance a new one.

We all know that everything cost a mint these days. It’s hard to get away and not take out a second mortgage to do it. I LOVE the saying collect experiences, not things. Your kids aren’t going to remember the thousands of hours they spent on the PlayStation all holidays, but they will remember the days that Mum or Dad or both, took them fishing and they bagged a guppy or scooped up a *Chinaman crab in the waves or chased Solider Crabs across the beach at low tide.

If you’re not a family then go on your own or with a group of friends. There is plenty to do here for the loner, couple, family or friend group. Save for the accommodation &/or share the cost with others, and enjoy the free offerings. Some of the best holidays I’ve been on are shared holidays. The more the merrier!

*Chinaman crab: we called them that when we were kids because their back shells looked like Chinaman’s hats. Have no idea what they’re called but they are the crabs that bury in the sand as the waves wash in and out. #thisisyeppoon if you catch one or you know their real name.

Discover what’s Free to see & do

It costs nothing to look

It cost nothing to swim, it cost nothing to splash around in the lagoon laughing with friends. BRING YOUR OWN GEAR! If you love driving holidays as much as me, you’ve got space to bring your own “*stuff”. Or if you don’t own “*stuff”, borrow it. Chuck the paddle board on the roof, go to our local op shop and grab a snorkel set. I guarantee it’s probably hardly been used. Donate it back when you go maybe.

And push bikes. If you can chuck them on the roof, or get one of those tow ball fixtures, bring your bikes. There is a great rail trail to ride and the foreshore bike path has recently been extended to the end of Lammermoor beach.

*Stuff to borrow and bring when visiting Yeppoon, Capricorn Coast if you’re on a driving holiday:

  • Snorkel sets: great if you go to the islands or practice with the kids looking for band-aids in the lagoon.
  • Paddle Boards, Kayaks, surfboards, boogie boards, maybe roof racks to get them here 😉
  • Fishing rods, yabby pump, bucket for your massive hauls
  • Push Bikes

Potential community project? – Everyone has unused pushies in their shed, maybe there could be a community donation of push bikes into a bike bank that council stores at one of the new places they’ve built. Admin could book them in and out for a dollar coin donation. Even better they could be barcoded and scanned like a library item. Scan your ID to take them out. WOW! That would be awesome.

Top Destination

SO much free stuff to enjoy on the Capricorn Coast. We’ve been collating a fair bit of it and I’m sure there’s plenty more to see & do. If you find something that we haven’t, be sure to share on Instagram #thisisyeppoon or message us.

Culture Combo

Take the Public Art Tour, or check out some of the local artworks in the community galleries. We also have weekend community markets for fruit & veg or bric-a-brak, or our museums are pretty interesting.

Fresh Water Swims

Freshwater creeks that are swimmable along the coast are mostly up in Byfield. However, there are a few gems that are only 15 minutes from town. All worth a visit.

Beach Bumming

There are too many cool beaches around the place to name just one or two here. So they have their own page. It’s not a case of visit one, visit them all. Each beach has its own unique offering. Choose the right one and lap it up. (Disclosure: This page still needs a bit of work. It’s just a big list at the moment. I’ll get to every one of them in time and make it look like you want to grab your soccar ball and live like Tom Hanks.)

More Places

Make a day of it. These are all pitstops of what’s on the way to your destination. All within half an hour from Yeppoon. Except for 5Rocks. Bit longer. If you’re headed to Emu Park, check out the list.