Whales are making their way through Keppel Bay and you can get a glimpse of them from the mainland. Yeppoon has a few great viewing spots to choose from and if you’re up for a 4WD you might also catch the splash of a whale tale up at Five Rocks. If you don’t want to sit there all day to spot a whale from the mainland you can follow a local Facebook page Whale Spotting Yeppoon & Capricornia

With so much changing along our foreshore, exciting new infinity pool, new kids playground and grassy play areas, Kracken kids water heaven and more, it can be easy to forget that we have some truly spectacular vantage points to views glorious. And with those views, potential to see one of the seas most magical of creatures, the humpback whale.

Coastline views of the whales

Reaching our warmer waters is when the humpbacks are likely to give birth. Humpbacks make milestone ages, living up to a century in years, and have been birthing their young on our coastline for decades. It’s estimated that around 20000 whales will make their way from the cooler Antarctic waters, migrating up the East coast over the June to November season. And with the largest of whales growing to a massive 16 meters long and tipping the scales at 40 tonnes, you’ve got a fair chance of catching a frolicking new mum and a playful baby calf.

Capricorn Coast National Park

Capricorn Coast National Park provides visitors with scenic viewpoints out to the Keppel Bay islands and the coastal hinterlands. A ten-minute drive from the heart of Yeppoon south towards the marina and you could be spotting whales from the top of Double Head or Bluff Point lookouts. Featuring formed walking tracks through sunny grasslands and shady forests to coastal lookouts these tracks are a steady uphill walk to lookout decks. Reach the top of Bluff point and get 360 views of the ocean and the mainland. See our Walking Tracks page for more information.

Cooee the whales from Wreck Point lookout

Head over to Cooee Bay, five minutes from the CBD, to the three-tiered vantage Wreck Point lookout and find the perfect vista to spot a whale from the mainland. Head down the walking path and sit on the replica Selina with your binoculars and you’ll soon spot splashing north or south. Capricorn Coast’s clear days are plentiful during our winter months, clarity of air and water is next to perfect.

Spot a whale from the mainland at Five Rocks lookout

30 minutes north of Yeppoon, Byfield National Park sports a 4WD only track over a massive sand dune, towards one of the best vantage points overlooking the Keppel’s and the area’s namesake Five Rocks. High above the waterline, the outlook is stellar for viewing whales off the coastline.

If you want to be in the know about whales sitings during the season, follow  Whale Spotting Yeppoon & Capricornia FB Page Spot a whale from the mainland on your travels, let us know! And #thisisyeppoon your pics on Instagram.