Capricorn Coast beaches are some of the best for sand sailing. Far out low tides provide plenty of space for trailing nonstop kilometres of sand.

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Sand Sail our shores

Blokarting is the exciting sport of sand sailing, perfect for the long wide low tide beaches of Yeppoon.

The Capricornia Blokart Club is very active along our coastline. Always at beach events and hosting their own regular come and try days, they are very welcoming for everyone participate in their hobby. They have an active blogging website where they share their events and competitions, along with a calendar of events. One of which is the Blokart Bash, June 8-11 where the president as assured copious amounts of wind. The event will be held at Mulambin Beach.

The full calendar is available on, get yourself down for a social day and try your sand sailing skills. A couple of dot points to mention taken from their website…

Notes for newcomers to our sport

  • You are welcome to come and have a look. But remember we need wind to move. If it’s not blowing the chances are that our sailors are still on their back verandahs drinking beer. Phone beforehand to check, if the wind is a bit iffy.
  • We have a couple of club karts which will be available for newcomers to give it a go. But if you want to race you’ll have to join up which you can do on the day.