Let’s get right to the point. Not many people consider our string of seaside towns because they don’t consider them an interesting place to visit. As a community, we know that the Capricorn Coast is a great option to live and to visit. Unless we are willing to get that information out there, we cant expect a change in our tourism market. Plugging the Islands alone isn’t going to spark enough interest to get people here.

The Yeppoon, Capricorn Coast site is one giant leap towards highlighting our many offerings and getting recognised. People looking for holiday destinations are researching online. If the info about our coast is not available for them to review and consider then why would they bother visiting? This site is a massive list of what we have to offer. Focusing on people interests, hobbies, connections, adventure, things to see and do are all available to help them realise that the Capricorn Coast is a myriad of options to fill many days or weeks with interesting, fulfilling and enjoyable experiences.

How do we get our business on your site?

So far the site is sparkly brand new. It needs to gain momentum on search engines to make advertising on the site worthwhile for local businesses. However, a site still needs to be viable so Google Ads have been placed in the interim until the numbers are going to generate positive ROI. If you are a business who feels you could benefit from being on this site please get into Google Adwords. Depending on what your business is, your cost per click will be low in these early days. You’ll also be provided with the opportunity to be featured in an advertorial.

Advertorials on Yeppoon Capricorn Coast

#thisisyeppoon For those who aren’t aware, an advertorial is an advert that is a story. This site will be generating blogs to ensure our site gains the highest placements on search engines. With the amount of content on our site and it’s specific relevance to our place with the addition of blogging, it will rank highly. What does that mean for your advertorials? It means more exposure. Not only via our socials, but on the wider web. Your advertorial will be on the site forever, (*as long as you don’t duplicate the content on another website or close your business.) You can share it on your socials, emails, or link it to other websites. You can do this as many times, over as many days, months, years as you like. Value for money is second to none when it comes to advertising via a well-written blog. When the site hits a designated number of site hits per month, advertorials will become available.

*NOTE: Google doesn’t do duplicate content and will penalise websites who copy-paste press releases, other websites copy, or stolen copyrighted content that isn’t quoted, credited & linked. Advertorials for this site will be written by experienced feature journalists.