As a new website that will gain rank & authority over time, the site is not ready for direct advertising opportunities. So we are running Google Adsense to cover the cost of gifting the site to our community. However, the 80+ page website will still be drawing many views from tourists as well as locals looking for things to do whilst it is in its growth stage. You may wish to take advantage of Google Adwords. Advertise by selecting a target audience that will be attracted to our site, or alternatively, as we will receive many local views you could target specifically this area and the advert should appear on our site, depending on your industry.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the page my advertising is on?

Yes. If you wish to advertise on a particular page that reflects your business we have limited spaces for those businesses, with separate pricing. We also have revolving adverts in the sidebar areas of our blogsfor the subscription-based adverts and the highest ranking pages.

When does my advert to go live?

The first of the month. And runs up until you cancel your monthly subscription. Individual page adverts are on a three monthly basis, run starts first of every month. Renewal required every quarter. Yearly subscriptions invoiced annualy.

Can I produce my own advertisments?

Yes. As long as they meet our advertising guidelines and are to spec then we’re happy for you to provide the advert.

Am I bound to a contract?

No. You can cancel your monthly subscription up to a week before the next month is due. Your advertising will be taken down from the site and we offer your placement to other businesses.

Can you produce our advertisments?

Yes. For a small fee we can produce your ads to spec.

Will prices go up with increased views?

Every day we expect increased unique page views. But we will only review our rates on a yearly basis. You will have plenty of notice if there is an increase in price.

Do I need a website to have an advert ?

Yes, or social media page. All creative is to include a valid clickthrough that opens in a new tab or window.


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