Capricorn Coast offers 4WD getaways like no other. Long stretches of sand, majestic views, challenging offroad tracks. Image © Action Jackson Photography

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Capricorn Coast 4×4 adventures

Yeppoon surrounds offers a 4WD wonderland if you love the bush to beach style of tracks.

Sandy Point lies about 12km north of Farnborough Beach and can only be accessed by a 4WD with a medium capacity. The trek would mean a laid-back drive along the beach. Dual range 4WD, off-road camper trailers are suitable for the drive.

Head to Five Rocks, Byfield National Park. The park covers an area of around 15,000 hectares or 37,000 acres, so it’s a huge, fairly unspoilt area. Notable features include the huge sand dunes in the Nine Mile Beach area. Access is 4WD only and if you’ve never been sand driving before you’re in for a treat. Drop your tire pressure very low to get up these dunes. (Or just be deadshit holding everyone else up because you don’t want to, then end up doing it anyway because you’re down to your axles in sand.)

Find out from the people at the CQ Offroad club to see if they are hosting any trips you can tag along.

Five Rocks

How to get there: Take the Yeppoon-Byfield Road. At the Rydges roundabout drive straight through and follow the road until you get to Byfield t intersection. Turn right onto Byfield Road and follow until you get to Waterpark Creek crossroads where you begin your drive through Waterpark Creek and on to Five Rocks.

Tips: Pack a recovery kit for your 4WD. Water is essential. Take oceans of it! Drop your tyre pressures right down when you hit the sandy hill. High clearance vehicles with all terrain or road tyres are preferred.

Watch out for: Locals know the place intimately. Five Rocks lies unguarded to the mercy of the sea and is a destination for divers, fishermen and campers. Locals will tell you the effort to equip your vehicle properly is worth it.

GPS co-ordinates: Five Rocks, Byfield, Queensland, Australia. (If you know can you tell me? I’ve no idea yet.) Latitude: . Longitude:

Sandy Point

How to get there: From Yeppoon foreshore follow the Farnborough beach road north all the way out to the roundabout take the second exit at Rydges roundabout, veer right towards the (closed) Capricorn resort. Follow the road until you get to Hinz Avenue. Turn right into Hinz Ave until you get to Bangalee Beach where you begin your drive to Sandy Point.

Tips: Pack a recovery kit for your 4WD. Check your tyre pressures. High clearance vehicles with all terrain or road tyres are preferred.

Watch out for: Other vehicles and pedestrians. Keep to designated tracks. Designated tracks off the beach are marked with a vehicle access symbol at the entrance to the track.

GPS coordinates: Sandy Point, Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia. Latitude: -23.127888. Longitude: 150.745366